Daily Life

Our daily lives consists of doing “small things with great love.” We learn and grow through simple tasks such as cleaning, cooking, sharing meals, and, most importantly, being together. Much like any family, everyone has their part. If a core member, for example, is unable to slice carrots, maybe she can put each sliced carrot into the pot. “Slow together,” we like to say, “is better than fast alone.”

Our community is a place of welcome where people are transformed by an intense experience of community, relationships, disability and difference. "To live with" is different from "to do for". It doesn't simply mean eating at the same table and sleeping under the same roof. It means that we create relationships of thanksgiving, truth and interdependance, that we listen to people with intellectual disability, that we recognise and marvel at their gifts, and particularly their openness to God.

Our typical day:

5.45am    Waking up
6.45am    Morning Prayer
7.15am    Breakfast
8.00am    Workshops
               [craft, bakery, candle making, kitchen, carpentry]
1.00pm    Lunch
2.00pm    Siesta
3.30pm    Afternoon Activities
Monday: Creative Prayer
Tuesday: Core-members meeting
Wednesday: Drama Session
Friday: Music Session
4.30pm    Coming home
5.00pm    Individual time for Core-members
7.00pm    Supper
8.00pm    Evening Prayer
9.00pm    Rest